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Eurocon 12, Italcon, was held May 18-21, 1989 in San Marino. GoHs were Frederik Pohl and Norman Spinrad. There were formal or informal national reports on SF/F publishing and other events of relevance to the field from Takumi Shibano (Japan), Brian Aldiss (UK), Robert Silverberg (U.S.A.), Wiktor Bukato (Poland), Yang Xiao (China), Darije Kjokich (Yugoslavia), Heiner Rank (East Germany), Judith Merril (Canada), Annemarie van Ewyck (Netherlands), Eremei Parnov (U.S.S.R.), Piergiorgio Nicolazzini (Italy), Norman Spinrad (France), Sam Lundwall (Sweden and Denmark), Ion Hobana (Romania), and Pekka Supinen (Finland). Elizabeth Anne Hull gave an academic report on SF/F teaching and research. The Chair was Dr. Adolfo Morganti, and Toastmaster was Ernesto Vegetti.

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