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Eta (or ETA? it was always typed in CAPS, inluding the masthead) was a perzine (? with some news content) published by Rob Hansen in London, UK.

# Date Pp Notes
1 April 1983 6
2 ("Final stencil typed 19") October 1988 8 Begins with explanation of the long pause; on p. 1 "sketch of me that Stu Shiffman had done at the 1986 Corflu". Final part A PHANTOM LIMB: "In 1984 a limb of fanzine fandom turned gangrenous. When […] it became clear that it could not be saved and that its continued presence was threatening to pollute the rest of the body of fanzine fandom we decided, reluctantly, that we had no choice but to amputate. […] Then, a few months ago, came strange pricklings from distant, almost fogotten, nerve-endings. That fan in Puerto Rico has joined FAPA, they murmured to me, […] published a fanzine […] designed to get the poison flowing again. It apparently covers all the old ground of the TAFF Wars. […] I marvelled at his obsession, his desire to breathe new fire into the cold ashes of a feud four years dead, before turning my attention to mere pleasurable pursuits. […] Shortly before the recent mail strike […] envelope clearly containing the fanzine whose existence I had been alerted to. There was only one thing to do, of course. […] words that Dave Langford spoke at the height of the madness of 1984 came back to me: "I usually find that my general mental well-being is greatly enhanced by not opening mail from Puerto Rico."
3 January 1989 6
4 Easter 1989 10
5 Easter 1990 12

Publication 19831990
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