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Equicon '87 was a Star Trek/Media convention held April 5-7, 1985 at the Sheraton-Universal Hotel in Universal City, CA. It was a revival of the series, which had lapsed after 1981.

Guests included Judson Scott, Roger C. Carmel, Warren Jones, Bill Bryan, William Campbell, Suzanne Vegas, David Gerrold, Rick Sternbach, Robert Fletcher, Michael Moore, Dr. Donald A. Reed, Kiyoshi Yamazaki, Raven De La Croix, Kurt Bennette, John Ginn, Mike Twitty, Dave Terubner, Tom Eberhart, Charles Jackson II, Randy Cook, Angus Scrimm, R.J. Robertson, Tom Scherman, Steve Neill, Neil Jordon, Terri Hardin, Harrison Ray, Barbara Hambly, Fred B. Phillips, Jim Danforth, Jim Wynorski, Mike Jittlov, Steve Antin, Jeff Yagher, Pete Kozachik, Mike Levitre, Bob Burns, Aly Moore, Vern Dietsche, Jr., Gregory Jein, Adam Berger, Paula Crist, and Brian S. Hanish. There was a Masquerade. It was chaired by Bjo and John Trimble as an 18th-birthday present for their daughter Lora.

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