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(1950 -- February 20, 2020)

Elyse [Pines] Rosenstein was a New York fan. She was an honorary lifetime member of the Lunarians and chaired Lunacon 26 in 1983. She was married for a time to fellow fan Steve Rosenstein, with whom she ran Nova Enterprises.

She was one of the founders of Star Trek fandom. With Joyce Yasner, Joan Winston and Devra Langsam, she organized the very first Star Trek convention, held in NYC in 1972. She commented “For some unknown reason I turned to her [Langsam] and said, ‘Wouldn’t it be neat to have a science fiction convention for just ‘Star Trek?’ and she turned to me and said, ‘Yeah,’ we could invite 500 of our most intimate friends,’” she explained. “If she’d said that it was a terrible idea, none of this would have happened.”

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