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Devra Langsam is one of the first media fandom fans, publisher of Spockanalia and other fanzines, and a con organizer living in New York. She was a member of the Lunarians and chaired Lunacon 20 and was on the committee for the first Star Trek convention in 1972.

She has published her own bio, as follows:

"Entered fandom with NYCon III, 1967, with publication of Spockanalia #1 (Sherna Comerford, Co-editor). Published five issues, then parted company with Sherna and began Amanita Publications with my cousin Debbie Langsam. Published MD (Masiform D) with Debbie until September 1973 (issue #3), after which she went away to grad school, and I began my own press, Poison Pen Press. Since then, I have published MDs up to #12 (the latest) and 3 Special Issues: THRESHOLD (Marder & Wa1ske), ONE WAY MIRROR (Wenk), and the latest-at the printer--KNIGHT OF SHADOWS (Osman). Helped run NYSTcons from 1972-1976, ran MosEastly Con w/Joyce Yasner, I have had a few stories published, mostly in my own 'zines, but "A Little More Than Kin" was published in ERIDANI TRIAD III (Brownlee, etc.). Sept. 1982 will be my 15th anniversary as a publisher."

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