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Bronzed Lemon spoof awards (after L. Ron Hubbard, pulp sf writer who invented [the word is chosen with care here] the "science" of Dianetics and religion of Scientology) for the Worst SF Novel, Worst SF Film, Worst Contribution to SF, etc., given by the former British Columbia Science Fiction Association (now West Coast Science Fiction Association) at their annual SF convention V-Con beginning at V-Con 1 in 1971. John Norman (of Gor novels fame) had won 15 Elrons as of 1995.

Year Worst Novel Worst Movie Worst Contribution to SF
1971 I Will Fear no Evil by Robert Heinlein Beneath the Planet of the Apes
1974 Chariot of the Gods Starlost Roger Elwood, Jerry Pournelle

Award 1971
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