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(March 6, 1937 --)

Edward Lewis Ferman, an American prozine editor and publisher, was born in New York City and educated at Middlebury College (BA, 1958). He married Audrey Bonchak in 1964, and they have one daughter.

He is the son of Joseph W. Ferman, and after serving as the managing editor since 1962, took over as editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from Avram Davidson in 1964, though Joseph Ferman continued to be listed as editor until 1966. In 1970, Joseph Ferman retired and Edward took over the publisher role as well, and Edward Ferman continued in both roles until 1991 when he hired Kristine Kathryn Rusch as editor. He remained as publisher of the magazine until he sold it to Gordon Van Gelder in 2000.

During 1969-1970 he also edited the revival of Venture Science Fiction, the companion magazine to F&SF, as well as a couple of mundane magazines.

During his tenure as editor, Ferman continued the practice of editing anthologies drawn from the magazine, including the Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction series, beginning with the 15th volume (1966). Special anthologies included several anniversary volumes: Twenty Years of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1970), co-edited with Robert P. Mills (editor of F&SF, 1958-1962); The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction: A Special 25th Anniversary Anthology (1974) [containing lead stories, appreciations, and updated bibliographies from the six "special author" (Anderson, Asimov, Blish, Bradbury, Leiber, and Sturgeon) issues of F&SF up to that time]; The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 30-Year Perspective (1980); and The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: A 40th Anniversary Anthology (1989).

Ferman edited other anthologies, including Oi, Robot [Competitions and Cartoons from Fantasy & Science Fiction] (1995); and, with Anne Jordan, he co-edited a brief anthology series, The Best Horror Stories from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

His "brief personal history" of F&SF appeared in the Winter, 1999 (#144), issue of The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He also collaborated with Barry N. Malzberg on an anthology of original short fiction, Final Stage (1974); on a reprint collection, Arena: Sports SF (1976); and on Graven Images: Three Original Novellas of Science Fiction (1977). In 1999 he edited [with Gordon Van Gelder the 50th anniversary anthology of The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction. Ferman sold F&SF to Van Gelder in 2000.

An interview with Ferman in included in Charles Platt's Dream Makers, Volume II (1983).

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

Under his editorship, F&SF was nominated for the Best Professional Magazine Hugo from 1967 through 1972, winning in 1969 through 1972. Ferman himself was nominated for Best Editor from 1973 through 1992, winning in 1981 through 1983.

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