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(1952- )

Edie is a well-known SF club, con, filker, collector and fanzine fan. She started in fandom in 1970 by subscribing to fanzines she read about in "The Clubhouse" column by John D. Berry in Amazing Stories. She is a past chair of SFSFS, head of the 1992 Worldcon program division, co-editor of the SFSFS Shuttle, Happy Birthday LeeH!, Tails of Fandom, and Shadow of a Fan. She is also a collector of SF and fantasy art and has helped create many special art exhibits at Boskone as well as at World Fantasy Convention 2014, 2015 and 2018. She is married to Joe Siclari.

With Joe, Edie originated the Travelling Fete, a series of relaxacons that moved to locations near or requested by each year's GoH. The GoH was responsible for the (one) program and for selecting an excursion to the guest's favorite local site. The Travelling Fete was sponsored by SFSFS.

Joe and Edie are also collectors of S-F illustration art. They have over the years worked on about 20 Science Fiction Art Exhibitions at various conventions including Worldcons, World Fantasy Conventions, and, most frequently, at Boskones.

She chaired or co-chaired Tropicon VII, Smofcon 18, FanHistoriCon 10 and co-organized the Traveling Fete. She was part of the Orlando in 1992 bid, the Boston for Orlando in 2000 bid, the Boston in 2004 bid and the Reno in 2011 bid. She was a co-founder of the South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS).

Edie also has 205 patents to her name. Her professional honors include the Kate Gleason Award, presented during ASME's 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Among her many awards, she was named a Distinguished Engineer by her employer IBM in 2008.

In February of 2016 Edie took over as the Webmaster of the FANAC Fan History Project [*https://fanac.org website] which was founded in 1996 by Jack Weaver at the suggestion of Joe and Edie. In March, 2016, Edie started the FANAC Fan History YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/FanacFanHistory) to provide access to recordings, both video and audio, of science fiction events, enhancing audio with numerous illustrations and photos. In Spring, 2016, she started, with Joe Siclari and Mark Olson, the Newszine Project on FANAC.org which has put over 3,000 newszines online going back to 1936.

In December of 2020, Edie started the Fan History Zoom Series. This series brings well known fans for interviews or to talk about specific aspects of fan history. The Zoom series started with Rob Hansen providing a guided tour to fannish locations in London. Ted White was then interviewed by John D. Berry. It was so popular that a sequel was required. The third session was on Southern fandom with Bill Plott, Toni Weiskopf, Guy Lillian III and moderator Janice Gelb. Next is the Benford Twins Around the World with Greg Benford & Jim Benford. These have proved so popular that they are now scheduled monthly.

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