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Ditto 19, also called ArtCon, was held October 25–27, 2007, in Gualala, CA, to celebrate Art Widner's 90th birthday. The main hotel was the Breakers Inn. It was organized by Alan Rosenthal and was the last Ditto to date.

Art Widner reported:

I was totally gobsmakt, gabberflasted & flatterd all to hell that 30 people came from all over the world to the most hard to get to (Panama City was easy) wild Mendocino Coast to help me celebrate.  & they brot 15 bottles of single malt in the bargain.  I didnt count, but somebody told me.  In spite of my warning "No presents but yr presence" some of the bottles were presents.  Thanx to Ian Sorensen & Yvonne Rowse from Scotland; I hope the chilly summer fog made them feel at home.  & the 3 from Toronto, 2 from Detroit, & the usual suspex from Seatl & the Barea.  Not to mention all my cool gchiln; Missy all the way from France, & the Tuckerized baby offn Mt. Baker.....   Ive had sevral xcuses from various fen since, wch may b flattery, but i acept that they really wantd to b there but cdnt.  Alan Rosenthal did a great job organizing it & i hav no complaints.

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