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DeepSouthCon 42 (MidSouthCon 22) was held March 26-28, 2004 in conjunction with MidSouthCon 22 at the Holiday Inn Select Airport in Memphis, TN. Attendance was 1039, and the convention was chaired by Dana & Greg Bridges. David Brin was GoH, Todd Lockwood was Artist GoH, David Williams was Gaming GoH, Dragon Dronet was Media GoH, and Cullen Johnson was Fan GoH. Michael Sheard was Toastmaster.

DeepSouthCon awards: The Rebel Award went to Dal Coger (Posthumously) & Sue Thorn. The Phoenix Award went to Gregory Benford. The Rubble Award went to the Charlotte NASFiC Bid Committee "for failure to vote for their own bid" (which lost to an Atlanta bid by six votes).

MidSouthCon Award: The Outstanding Achievement Award went to Eric Setbacken.

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