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Marion Zimmer Bradley's FAPAzine from 1954 to 1974 when she semi-gafiated to prodom, at least as far as zines were concerned.

During the latter decade, after she married Walter Breen, it was usually combined with his Allerlei, coming second after it; Breen included Day*Star in his cover, filled with capitalized punning slogans (like interlineations, except without lines), unlike her minimal masthead.

Issue Date Pages FAPA mailing Notes
1 November 1954 8 + 4 blank 69 Cover by Nancy Share; poems by MZB; short story by Terry Carr
2 May 1955
6 August 1957 9 80
7 May 1958?
8 February 1959
9 August 1959 10
10 February 1960
12 August 1960 12
13 February 1961
14? May 1961 16 95 Unnumbered, presumably because distributed more broadly than just FAPA
15 August 1961 30 96
November 1961 16 97
February 1962
May 1962
19 August 1962 8 100
20 February 1963 40 102
21 February 1964 18 "After fourteen years, my marriage has broken up." Pp. 4–9 CONFESSIONS OF A NOT-SO*HEAVENLY CHOIR SINGER (on university choir), 10–18 "STRUCTURE AND NONCONFORMITY: A preliminary inquiry into certain sociological aspects of science fiction fandom, particularly in amateur journalism groups", written "as a term theme in Sociology 213 […] first published in APEX, #21"
22 July 1964 32 107 included Catch Trap 106
23 August 1964 16 also numbered 21
25 February 1965 16 110 included after Walter Breen's Allerlei 14 (pages 2–18), MZB's Day*Star continued numbering on 19–34 with a minimal header of its own
26 May 1965 24 included Allerlei 15
28 November 1967 24 included Allerlei 17
February 1972 (8) "DAY STAR/ALLERLEI, combined with one another and issued for […] FAPA by Walter Breen and Marion Zimmer Bradley […] Credits, OE: MZB pp 1-6, 17-18, WB the rest."
February 1974 6 Stapled after 11-page (6 sheets; cover's empty verso unnumbered, so text begins on next recto as -2-), also unnumbered Allerlei. 4 pages (only -2- to -4- numbered) on her early-morning habits contrasting with night owls around, 2 explaining her resignation (see below). Hand-signed Marion Bradley Breen, but combined title page has usual name "from the Walter Breen and Mari­on Z. Bradley partnership on its 10th annish"

[…] I have changed, and FAPA has changed, and we have moved, I think, in separate directions, so that now I seem to look at FAPA across a vast and ever-expanding gulf of time and space. […]
Sentiment and nostalgia have delayed this step almost five years past the time I should have taken it. It seemed, after all, a shame, to give up after more than two decades. My interest in FAPA has been dwindling year by year since its peak in 1962/63, when I enjoyed the official editorship. I may not have been the best editor FAPA ever had --I’m quite sure I wasn’t-- but I probably enjoyed it more than, anyone else ever did. Since then it’s been downhill all the way, and when the Coulsons, and Rick Sneary, departed, I knew it was really time to go. There was a certain vanity involved. I liked being almost the oldest member  […]
I have too many other pro­jects, nearer my heart, and demanding more time. Something’s got to give; and to my small regret, FAPA is the most easily sacrificed. I hope you get someone good in my place. FAPA has seen me grow from an irascible teenager to a middle-aged woman. I think it's time... […]
— February 1974, pages 5–6

Publication 19541974
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