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A fanzine published to support the Big D in '73 Worldcon bid which was edited at times by Tom Reamy with Larry Herndon, Joe Bob Williams, Steve Utley, and Don Maris. It continued afterwards and was later called Nostalgia News.

In a letter to Locus, Reamy said of the bidzine, "We're aiming for a minimum circulation of 5,000. It will carry advertising to help defray expenses. It will be sent free to everybody." When he was queried about the economics of sending out 5,000 copies of a fanzine at no charge, Reamy responded that "We sold $330 worth of ads in it, which will almost pay for it. We hope by the second issue, when people see that we are actually doing it, will bring in enough to pay for all of it. It won't take many more ads to show a profit -- which we could use for the bid."

The large circulation caused Texas fans to be accused of trying to buy a win for Dallas.

Its first issue was 20 pages and it folded after Reamy dropped out.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 Spring 1969 20
2 Summer 1969 24
3 Autumn 1969 24
IV Winter 1969
6 Summer 1970
7 Autumn 1970
8 Winter 1970
9 Spring 1971
10 Summer 1971
11 1971 Now Nostalgia News
17 1972

Dallascon Bulletin online at fanac.org.

Publication 19691972
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