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A possibly mythical convention held in late 1943 or 1944 in Newcastle, IN, by the Cosmic Circle, which announced the announced the resurrection of the MWFFF.

After Claude Degler was banned from the 1943 Michiconference, he called this meeting, according to Fancyclopedia 1.

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From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
From Cosmic Circle – When Superfan came back to Newcastle, Frank N. Stein, who had taken over an Oakgrove Fantasy Society and was imputed with reestablishing Slan Slum there, formed a Futurian Alliance to fite the old-fan clique who were responsible for this new Exclusion Act, the Ashley Atrocity, and were trying to keep down the new and young fans (--all this per Claude Degler). Degler claimed that the CC was neutral in this war, but left no shade of doubt as to where his sympathies lay, in the fite against the "National Fantasy Fascist Federation" and seemed to identify his cause historically with the old Futurian movement. By this time Wilcey had resigned from the Circle, leaving Raymond Washington the only active fan who supported Degler. Washington had privately deplored the "morass" of publishing, and urged Degler to moderate his statements, but still hoped that some good mite be done with the Cosmic Circle. In the face of this situation, at the Cosmic Circle Conference in Newcastle (Councilcon) the resuscitation of the Mid-West Fantasy Fan Federation was announced on the authority of member Jenkinson, with presumably the CC's Ohio FFF, Kentucky FFF, and the IFA as members of it (a North Dakota Fantasy Fan Federation had once been announced, but Walt Dunkelberger didn't cooperate).

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