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Con*Cept '93 was a convention held October 15-17, 1993 at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaze Metro Centre in Montreal, QC. The GoHs were Robert Sheckley, Brian Daley, and James Luceno, Comic GoHs were Gabriel Morrissette and Elaine Lee, and Fan GoH was the group Birds of Prey. MC was Larry Stewart.

Other participants were Karen Wehrstein, Shirley Meier, S.N. Lewitt, Yves Meynard, Donald Kingsbury, Joel Champetier, Glenn Grant, David G. Hartwell, Dorothy Taylor, Marc Shainblum, Michael Cuneo, Mike Lennick, Paul Davidson, and The Wombat.

The convention was dedicated to the memory of Baird Searles, Writer, Critic, Fan, and Friend of Con*Cept.

Attendance was less than 300, and even with reserves, the con still ended up about $2000 in the red. It was felt that the promotion for the con had bee lacking, and that a dearth of media-related guests and programming failed to attract a lot of the usual Con*Cept attendees.

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