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Con*Cept '95 was a convention held March 31 - April 2, 1995 at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaze Metro Centre in Montreal, QC. The GoHs were Spider Robinson and Jeanne Robinson, Comics GoH was Len Strazewski, and AGoH was Vincent DiFate. The chair was John F. Zmrotchek.

Other participants included Kathryn Cramer, Brian Daley, Paul Davidson, T. J. Glenn, Glenn Grant, David G. Hartwell, Donald Kingsbury, S.N. Lewitt, James Luceno, Jack McKinney, Shirley Meier, Gabriel Morrissette, and Karen Wehrstein.

Attendance was around 500. (Due to disappointing results for Con*Cept '93, no convention had been held in 1994 while changes were being planned.)

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