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Con*Cept '92 was held October 17-18, 1992 at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel Du Parc in Montreal, QC. The GoHs were Roger Zelazny, Gregory Benford, and Steven Brust, AGoH was pro model-maker Michael Cuneo, who worked on Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, and Fan Artist GoH was Sandi Marie McLaughlin. The toastmaster was Larry Stewart.

The concom included Beatrice Casc, Sue Dunlop, Berny Reischl, Marc Durocher, Adrienne Seel, Mike Terry, Jeremy Kidd, John Matthias, and John Dupuis.

Attendance was around 580. Due to a misunderstanding on the part of the hotel, the con suite and Green Room were shut down about an hour into the con, and the convention was not able to sell any of the food and drink stocks it had acquired. However, they were able sell most of it at cost to Maplecon, which was taking place two weeks later, and to con attendees who were willing and able to pay for inexpensive groceries to take home. The concom got the hotel to agree to a $1000 refund (with the proviso that they would take the convention to another hotel the following year), so the convention did not end up taking a loss.

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