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Aka the Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Award, a prize presented at Balticon from 1983, given by the members of BSFS, which honors the best first novel of the previous year. It is named for Compton Crook, who published sf as Stephen Tall. It includes a small cash prize, and the winner is a guest at the following year's Balticon.


1983 Donald Kingsbury Courtship Rite
1984 Christopher B. Rowley The War for Eternity
1985 David R. Palmer Emergence
1986 Sheila Finch Infinity's Web
1987 Thomas T. Thomas The Doomsday Effect as by Thomas Wren
1988 Christopher Hinz Liege-Killer
1989 Elizabeth Moon Sheepfarmer's Daughter
1990 Josepha Sherman The Shining Falcon
1991 Michael F. Flynn In the Country of the Blind
1992 Carol Severance Reefsong
1993 Holly Lisle Fire in the Mist
1994 Mary Rosenblum The Drylands
1995 Doranna Durgin Dun Lady's Jess
1996 Daniel Graham, Jr. The Gatekeepers
1997 Richard Garfinkle Celestial Matters
1998 Katie Waitman The Merro Tree
1999 James Stoddard The High House
2000 Stephen L. Burns Flesh and Silver
2001 Syne Mitchell Murphy's Gambit
2002 Wen Spencer Alien Taste
2003 Patricia Bray Devlin's Luck
2004 E. E. Knight Way of the Wolf
2005 Tamara Siler Jones Ghosts in the Snow
2006 Maria V. Snyder Poison Study
2007 Naomi Novik Temeraire: His Majesty's Dragon
2008 Mark L. Van Name One Jump Ahead
2009 Paul Melko Singularity's Ring
2010 Paolo Bacigalupi The Windup Girl
2011 James Knapp State of Decay
2012 T. C. McCarthy Germline
2013 Myke Cole Shadow Ops: Control Point
2014 Charles E. Gannon Fire With Fire
2015 Alexandra Duncan Salvage
2016 Fran Wilde Updraft
2017 Ada Palmer Too Like the Lightening
2018 Nicky Drayden The Prey of Gods
2019 R. F. Kuang The Poppy War
2020 Arkady Martine A Memory Called Empire
2021 Micaiah Johnson The Space Between Worlds
2022 P. Djèlí Clark A Master of Djinn
2023 Alex Jennings The Ballad of Perilous Graves

Award 1983
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