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The BSFS, a club in Baltimore, Maryland, was founded on January 5, 1963, in the back of a Trailways bus by people returning from a meeting of the Baltiwash club WSFA. It began running Balticon in 1967, but the club died on October 12, 1968. It is associated with BWAWA and WSFA.

Balticon continued, and after Balticon 8, Sue Wheeler, Martin Deutsch and others re-founded BSFS in 1974 with mostly new members. It was incorporated in Maryland and granted tax-exempt status and thereafter ran Balticon.

There was a previous club in the Baltimore area in the early 1950s: the Baltimore Science Fiction Forum, and there was also the Baltimore SFL in the area in the 1930s which lasted into the early ’40s.


Starting in late 1991, the club acquired the BSFS Clubhouse, located at 3310 E. Baltimore St., Baltimore, Maryland. It was rebuilt over the years by a team led by Martin Deutsch.

As of 2022, the club library had total of 17,223 unique items shelved in the BSFS Building and 91 storage boxes. Sue Wheeler heads the library committee.


BSFS gives these awards annually at Balticon:


Club 1963
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