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Back before airline deregulation, the higher price of air travel made it prohibitive for many fans. The solution was a charter flight where a group of fans were organized to all fly on the same plane at the same time in exchange for a better rate. This saved many fans a lot of money, but the process was fraught and all-too-often ended in a mess.

In fact, the quick demise of WSFS, Inc. can be traced to a failed charter flight causing a falling-out among the organizers.

There have also been many fannish tour groups (which see), which were organized to take a group of fans on a tour before or after Worldcon rather than primarily to get a cheap plane fare.

Famous Charter Flights[edit]

San Francisco to Discon II[edit]

In 1974, Locus carried the following statement: "The Change of Hobbit/Freelandia flight to Washington, DC was cancelled __by Freelandia__ less than five days before the scheduled departure. This was entirely due to Freelandia's ineptitude. A Change of Hobbit is in no way responsible for the cancellation and greatly regrets and apologizes for the inconvenience caused by our sincere attempt to find a cheap way to fly to the con."

New York to Loncon[edit]

This was written up in Fancyclopedia II under Plane Trip, which see. Also, see WSFS, Inc..

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