Brookline High School SF Club

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A high school club in Brookline, MA, co-founded by Jean Berman and Peter Chin in 1969.

They published several issues of their clubzine called Nameless (because they couldn't decide on a name).

They "bought" Isaac Asimov at the Auction Bloch for $23 at Boskone 6 in 1969. They had unfortunately misunderstood the meaning of Auction Bloch which gave them an hour with him at the convention. The club members assumed that Asimov would come and speak at their school club meeting. Luckily, Asimov lived in Newton, which was adjacent to Brookline; he showed what a kind-hearted person he was by graciously made a speaking appearance at the school after the convention. Berman transcribed the first part of the talk for an issue of Nameless.

Club 1969
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