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A fanzine devoted to fiction published by Dark Tree Press in Boylston, MA and edited by Brian Lingard. It was subtitled "The Magazine of Startling Science Fiction and Weird Horror!" and the editor described the zine: "Black Satellite hopes to capture some of the spirit of The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, the Alien movies, or even the old magazine Argonaut."

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Issue Date Pages TOC Notes
1 Fall 2001 44 pgs Fiction: Astral Sails by s. c. virtes, Only What's on the Menu by Kenneth Goldman, Soul of the Party by D. F. Lewis, Lunatic Lewis by Cathy Buburuz, Tracings by Deborah Hunt, Shiver by Bonnie Mercure, In the Maze by Matthew Spence Cover Art by Allen Koszowski
2 Spring 2002 48 pgs Fiction: The Blue Rocks by Vera Searles, Miles to Go by W. B. Vogel, Longtooth by Eric Hermanson, They Came for Him After Midnight by Lee Clark Zumpe, To Catch a Thief by Shawn James, Elixer by s. c. virtes, Setback by Matthew Spence, Zakku-al-Rada by Eric S. Brown Cover Art by Allen Koszowski
3 Summer 2002 52 pgs Fiction: The Doom That Came to Smirnov by Albert J. Manachino, Relics by Matthew Spence, Conversion by Lee Clark Zumpe, The Slide by Michael Baletti, The Child by J. R. Cain, The Lighthouse by Everette Bell Cover Art by Allen Koszowski
4 Winter 2002 52 pgs Fiction: Eyes in the Night by R. David Fulcher, The White Whale of Europa by Mark Mellon, The Swamp Demon by Lee Clark Zumpe, Better Mask by Jarrett Keene, The Relay Station by Jim Reynolds, The Tomb in the Stars by Eric S. Brown, The Ghanks are Coming by Albert J. Manachino and Michael E. Ambrose - Poetry: Celestial Navigation by Kendall Evans Cover Art by Allen Koszowski
5 Fall 2003 52 pgs Fiction: Toward Infinity by James R. Cain, Wrong Turn by Bill Wilson, Immortal Beloved by Tom Olbert, Prowlers by Lee Clark Zumpe, Charnel World by Tim Curran - Poetry: The Shaman of Guadot by Kendall Evans Cover Art by Allen Koszowski
6 Fall 2004 52 pgs Fiction: The Frowns of Fortune by Lenora K. Rogers, Lifer by Andy Owens, The Third Sister by Andrew Kelly, Afterlife by Darrell Pitt, The Bet by Kevin Anderson, Game of Burke and Hare by Albert J. Manachino - Poetry: Today by William P. Robertson, Martians Welcome by Daniel S. Irwin Cover Art by Bruce Heller
7 Winter 2006 56 pgs Fiction: To Scuttle a World by Monte Davis, The Night is a Mirror by Vera Searles, The New Guy by Angeline Hawkes-Craig, Showdown by David B. Riley, The Nature of Death and Courage by Bonnie McDaniel, Release by Matthew Leukroth, Morophir's Mummy by Albert J. Manachino and Michael Ambrose - Featured Illustration: Monte Davis Cover Art by Bruce Heller - Final issue

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