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Baycon '82, the first of the Baycon regionals, was held November 26-28, 1982 at the Red Lion Inn in San Jose, CA. Author GoH was Gene Wolfe, Artist GoH was Frank Kelly-Freas, Fan GoH was Lela Dowling, Special Guest was Mike Jittlov, and Toastmaster was Frank Catalano. It was chaired by Randy Cooper and John McLaughlin. Attendance was around 1,200 members.

Convention programming included five simultaneous live tracks featuring 20 hours of print-based sf and fantasy programming, 17 hours of fandom-oriented programming, 14 hours of science programming, 12 hours of art programming, 11 hours of comics programming, 11 hours of F&SF film & television programming, and 4 hours of the all important "crossover" programming -- a total of 89 hours of multi-track live programming -- plus a 24-hour-a-day film program, a video program, displays, two art shows, a dealers' room, and BCTV, the closed-circuit F&SF TV channel.

Con staff included local artist Steve Borelli (Art Show), satellite control engineer and writer Gerald Perkins (Science track), film and television memorabilia collector/dealer Mike Rupert (Dealer's Room), Jo Jenson (Treasurer), Michael Schaffer (Assistant Treasurer), Adrienne Foster, Terry Whittier, Dave Clark, Lela McKenna, Ken Hyland and Mary Hyland (Publicity and Promotion), and Steve Johnson (CA), Toren Smith, Barb Dragseth, Dick Cristman, Laura Brodian, Tom Shula and Merlin Skow.

“The Origin of Baycon” by Randy Cooper and John McLaughlin

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