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H. P. Lovecraft and fantasy fanzine edited by Race Mathews (issue 1) and Ian J. Crozier (issue 2). It was published in Australia, and became the third AFPA title (after Perhaps and Etherline.) The Art Director was Dick Jenssen.

In 1954, AFPA purchased Bacchanalia from Mathews, and announced that it would become an annual zine. That did not happen. Inspired by the upcoming 5th Australian Science Fiction Convention, a.k.a. Olympicon, in Melbourne, Crozier was inspired to produce another issue. Much of the material in this issue came "from the material which had been lying around AFPA" since Mathews gafiated to a wife and other interests.

Issue Date Page Notes
1 April 1953 32 8 1/8" by 9 3/4", mimeographed, ed. by Race Mathews. Included an eight page article "Random Notes on H. P. Lovecraft" by T. C. Cockcroft, "Reflections of a Mirrorman" by Terry Jeeves, "Vignettes" by Race Mathews, "The Master" by Roger Dard, "Fragment Of A Memory" by David Cohen, and "The Shades Will Fall" by John Ditmar, as well as other stories and essays. Front cover by Race Mathews and titled Ex Libris. Back cover by Dick Jenssen, inspired by the Lovecraft story "Pickman's Model". Other art by Keith McClellan, Race Mathews, and Bill Price.
2 December 1956 42 8 1/2" by 11", mimeographed. Ed. by Ian J. Crozier. Includes a one page article on H. P. Lovecraft. Final issue.

Publication 19531956
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