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The AUSFS was a student club of the University of Auckland, in New Zealand. Founded in 1979 and officially ran through 1987, at which point several prominent members moved permanently to the UK. In 1994 a much delayed eighth issue of Aeons was published to coincide with a visit of former club members to attend the New Zealand Natcon Silicon being held in Dunedin that year featuring prominent club member Tom Cardy as GOH.

An official 2000's era club meeting was held with seven original members at infamous club drinking spot, Auckland's The Hotel De Brett in January 2018. And later, after several regular successful virtual reunions during the Covid-19 pandemic, club Alumni announced plans to publish a ninth issue of Aeons.

Club meetings included visits and speaking engagements with several notable SF writers and prominent foreign fans, including Joe Haldeman, Fred Pohl, David Brin, A. Bertram Chandler, Ted White, Ed Bryant, Hal Clement and Roger Weddall.

The official club engraved nameplate from the University of Auckland Student Union Clubs and Societies bulletin board is in storage with plans to permanently attach it to a suitable remembrance wall at some future point. An active, private Facebook group keeps the club's traditions alive and in 2020 AUSFS celebrated forty one years of active and virtual club activities.

Fanzine: Aeons

Well-Known AUSFS Members[edit]

This is not the the Auckland Science Fiction Club.

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