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(April 19, 1917 – )

Earl Perry, left, and Ed Counts at Midwestcon 1, 1950. Photo by E. E. Evans.

Alvin Earl Perry, an early fan, grew up in Texas and, in 1934, proposed to run the Central Texas chapter of the SFL in his hometown of Rockdale. The Science-Fiction Tests were his idea. He was SFL Member #355.

Earl moved to Battle Creek, MI, after 1940. He was a member of the Galactic Roamers and among the fans at the 1942 Michiconference and Michicon 4 in 1944. His mother, Helen Perry, was also active in Michigan fandom.

Earl also attended the First Post-Radar-Contact-with-the-Moon Con in Chicago in 1946 and the first Midwestcon in 1950. He belonged to the N3F.

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