2001 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo

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The 2001 Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo was presented September 2, 2001 at Millennium Philcon.

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) [China Film] Screenplay by Wang Hui-Ling and James Schamus and Tsai Kuo Jung; Directed by Ang Lee; based on the book by Wang Du Lu
  • Chicken Run (2000) [Aardman Animations/Allied/DreamWorks SKG] Screenplay by Kary Kirkpatrick; Story by Peter Lord & Nick Park & Randy Cartwright; Directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park
  • Frank Herbert]'s Dune (2000) [New Amsterdam] Teleplay by John Harrison; Directed by John Harrison; based on the novel by Frank Herbert
  • X-Men (2000) [20th Century Fox/Marvel] Screenplay by David Hayter; Story by Tom DeSanto & Bryan Singer; Directed by Bryan Singer
  • Frequency (2000) [New Line Cinema] Written by Tony Emmerich; Directed by Gregory Hoblit

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