1985 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site selection for the 1985 Worldcon was conducted by Constellation. The only bidder was Australia in '85 which won on the first ballot and went on to run Aussiecon 2.

Bidder Mail On-Site Total
Australia in '85 285 357 642
None of the Above 14 3 17
No Preference 32 14 46
Other 11 9 20
Spoiled 4 0 4
Total 342 383 725

"Other" ballots included Bloomington, IN, Wooloomooloo College of the Arts, Columbus, OH, Auckland, NZ, Rottnest Island, Wilmot Mountain, Austin, TX, Detroit, MI, Nicosia Cyprus, Spuzzom, BC, New York City, Kent, NY, Australia in '83, Atlanta, GA, Highmore, SD, Sydney Cove in '88, and Bingley, UK. Austin received the most write-ins, probably as a side-effect of its simultaneous NASFiC bid, Austin in '85.

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