1984 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site Selection for the 1984 Worldcon was conducted by Chicon IV, the 1982 Worldcon. The only bidder was LA in 1984, which won and went on to run L.A.con IV.

There was a Vancouver in '84 bid which did not file.

The results were:

Bidders Mail At-Con Total
LA in 1984 406 508 914
No Preference 37 34 71
None of the Above 29 39 68
Write-ins 29 37 66+
No Vote 0 44 44
Total 501* 662 1163

And LA in 1984 won with an absolute majority on the first ballot.

  • The 44 "no vote" ballots were received from non-members of Chicon IV, and thus invalid.)

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