1974 DUFF Race

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There were a total of 232 ballots, 113 from Australia, 108 from the United States, 5 from Canada, 3 from the UK and 1 each from Italy, New Zealand and South Africa.

DUFF ballot

First round

Name Australia US Total
Paul Stevens 69 11 80
Leigh Edmonds 21 51 72
John Bangsund 9 42 51
Sue Clarke 16 13 29

About a week before voting closed, John Bangsund withdrew from the race because changing work commitments made it impossible for him to make the trip, so he was eliminated first and the second round was:

Name 2nd Round 3rd Round
Leigh Edmonds 103 128
Paul Stevens 87 102
Sue Clarke 41 -

Leaving Leigh Edmonds the winner.

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