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The 1967 Open ESFA was held March 5, 1967 at the YMCA in Newark NJ. The meeting featured Robert Lowndes, a slide show by Jay Kay Klein, and also a panel on cryonics with Fred Pohl, Lester del Rey and members of the Cryonics Society of New York. A special award was presented by Isaac Asimov (called, what else, the 'Isaac') to Asimov himself for excellence in non-sf writing.

The cryonics panel debated the issue of freezing people at the time of their deaths in the hope that they could be revived some day when science had sufficiently advanced produced the most audience interest, especially from Lester del Rey who quipped that that cryonics might spawn a whole new government program: 'Deadicare'. (Medicare was still new.)

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