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Westercon 12 was held July 3–5, 1959, at the Moore House in Seattle. GoH: Alan E. Nourse. It was chaired by F. M. Busby and sponsored by the The Seattle Science Fiction Club, Inc., a freshly formed corporate arm of The Nameless Ones.

The Genie, a fannish film starring Forry Ackerman, Fritz Leiber and Bjo Wells, premiered.

The Seattle Science Fiction Club, Inc.[edit]

From Regression Report 2:

The big brains behind the planning of the 1959 WesterCon have made a momentous decision. They have incorporated, this move was made to protect themselves from any losses that might be incurred during the WesterCon. Losses being covered are:
1. Any loss that results from discovery of the well hidden stills. 2. Any loss that results from the breaking up of the narcotic sales. 3. Losses that result from too many fans picking the right horses. 4. Losses from the fan auction, after all, who would [buy] a fan. These are just a few of the losses that they have taken in consideration,actually everything will be taken in account.
The club will now be known as The Seattle Science Fiction Club, Inc. They missed a good bet by not calling it The Washington Science Fiction Society. After all, two Wessfessmesses are better than none. Ah well, this bunch is a big enough mess in itself....
Getting back to the corporation. The officers elected were, Geneva Wyman (The Wymans form the majority of the club as it now stands.) Wally Gonser (A fan), Jerry Frahm (who attends cons but has yet to see one), Rose Stark (Who reads Astounding) and Wally Weber (the only truFan among them.) There is no truth to the rumor that Flora Jones will start up an opposing corporation.

Westercon 12 publications and photos on fanac.org.

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