Rob Hansen

(1954 —)

A British fanwriter, artist, and editor active since 1975. His first con was Seacon '75, the 1975 Eastercon, and he was a member of the Newport SF Group, (and founder of) Friends in Space, and the Fanhattonites.

He is a major British fan historian, publishing Then, a fanzine and website devoted to fan history; a much expanded book edition appeared in 2016. He was brought to Fanhistoricon 6 (held in conjunction with Boskone 32) in 1997 by a special Fanhistoricon Fan Fund.

He was TAFF winner in 1984, FGoH (along with Avedon Carol) at Contrivance, 1989 Eastercon. He was a contributor of fannish entries for the 1993 edition of Clute & Nicholls The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

He was on the committee of Mexicon I, Conspiracy '87 and Precursor.

His fanzines include: Chuch, Crank, Epsilon, Eta, The Fanhattonite, Pulp, Skwelsh, and TAFFeta. One-offs include Licks, Starfan, The Story So Far, Outtakes, On the TAFF Trail, and The Martin Chronicles.

His apazines include: Two Otherwise Blank Pages for APA SF&F, Fish Helmet for Frank's APA, Born in the UK for APA of the Damned, gdo for Men's APA, Licks for FAPA, Mojo Bag for Secret Garden, and Retro for FHAPA.

He married Avedon Carol in 1985.

Awards, Honors and GoHships: