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The 2018 Worldcon (officially named "Worldcon 76 in San Jose) was held August 16-20 2018 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Guests of Honor were Spider Robinson and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Fan Guests of Honor were Pierre and Sandy Pettinger, and Ghosts of Honour were Edgar Pangborn and Bob Wilkins. Chair was Kevin Roche.

The con was selected at MidAmeriCon II in a race between New Orleans in 2018 and San Jose in 2018.

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The Mexicanx Initiative was a campaign led by SFF artist John Picacio to sponsor attending memberships to Worldcon 76 in San Jose and award them to fifty Mexicanx artists, writers, filmmakers, culture shapers, and fans, in order to increase Mexicanx representation in science fiction and fantasy. The project was a finalist for the 2019 Hugo Award for Best Related Work.

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