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(1916--June 14, 2007)

He was a First Fandomite (though just barely, finding fandom in late 1938). He was Chairman of the 1946 Worldcon, and Fan GoH at Baycon, the 1968 Worldcon

He also was the first fan to record a convention: using phonograph records he captured the sounds of the 1941 Worldcon. It's to his credit we have Heinlein's complete GoH speech, "The Discovery of the Future". He was a very early member of LASFS and began the LASFS Fanquet. He was also one of the founders of the N3F. He was not a very good writer and was named one of the Turgid Triplets. He also published Walt Daugherty's Directory of Fandom in 1942.

He chaired Westercon 2, was FGoH at Westercon 50, was given a special committee award by LACon III for "spearheading the first Los Angeles Worldcon in 1946", received the Big Heart Award in 1968, and was posthumously awarded the First Fandom Hall of Fame award in 2009.

He was survived by his wife, Mary Ellen, who posted a detailed and interesting obituary (IA). See also Walt Daugherty Tribute.

See also, Daugherty Project and Just Like a Daugherty Project Except That It Will Actually Happen.

Contributors: Short obituary and links by Mike Glyer,, 17 June 2007 (IA)

For an early short biography, see Who's Who in Fandom 1940 (IA).

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