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The 1946 Worldcon and first in LA, Pacificon I was held August 30 -- September 1 at the Park View Manor in Los Angeles, CA. GoHs: A. E. van Vogt and E. Mayne Hull, Chaired by Walter J. Daugherty

Pacificon had been planned for 1942, but World War II forced its postponement.

Bidders: ?? See 1942 Worldcon Site Selection

1947 Worldcon Site Selection.

Forrest J Ackerman]'s Pacificon I Reminiscence.

From Fancyclopedia 1 ca 1944
(Ackerman) - The proposed 4th World Convention in LA in 1942. Tho it was postponed, the name Pacificon Jr. was given to an extra-large meeting of the LASFS late in 1942, when Rothman and many other immigrants and transients were there.

Pacificon flyer

Program BookCover

Program Book scan (IA)

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