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LASFS annual banquet begun in 1949 by Walter Daugherty to honor E. Everett Evans. The Fanquet was held yearly to honor the club members who had broken into the pro field with sales of fiction or art. Originally, the year's honoree was the person who had sold the most in his or her first year, but later on, it honored anyone who had made a first sale.

Date Honoree Notes
1949 E. Everett Evans First Fanquet
1950 Arthur Jean Cox
unknown years <1956 Len Moffatt, Mel Hunter, L. Major Reynolds, and Ed Clinton
1956 Helen M. Urban Attendance: 60; Fanquet #8
1957 no Fanquet that year, a testimonial dinner instead for Forry Ackerman
1959 George W. Fields 10th Annual
March 12, 1960 Richard Geis and Julie Jardine
1961 Chuck Neutzel
1962 Rick Sneary
1963 -- 1964 not held
1965 Larry Niven
1966 Bill Ellern and Ted Johnstone Attendance: 29; Speaker: Larry Niven
1967 not held
1969 Bill Warren and Hank Stine
1974 Gail Kimberly
1975 Dian Girard
1977 Bjo Trimble

By the late 70s, the event had become known as the LASFS Showcase and had become one of the club's fundraiser activities.

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