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Fanzine edited by Karen Anderson in the early 60s for the Golden Gate Futurian Society (GGFS). As you might expect, it featured many pros, including Poul Anderson, Anthony Boucher and Fritz Leiber, among its contributors. It was printed on blue paper, mimeographed. It was also sent to SAPS. According to Zinewiki, it lasted 5 issues.

The first issue is dated Dec. 1960, and contains "Imagine a Man" by Fritz Leiber, "Theory and Practice of Chimaerology" by Winston P. Sanders (pseudonym of Poul Anderson), and "The Fairest" by George Scithers and Karen Anderson. There were also two departments, or regular columns: "Beermutterings" by Poul Anderson and the letter-column "The Great Conversation." As this was the first issue, it contains no letters but does include a list of members of the GGFS. Cartoons are by Karen Anderson, Gene Ellis, and Ray Nelson. 24 pages.

The second issue is dated June 1961, and contains "The Real World of Science Fiction" by Ed M. Clinton Jr., "The Same" by William Wordsworthless (pseudonym of Poul Anderson, in this case, per discussion with Karen), and "The Unexpected" by Karen Anderson. Departments, again, "Beermutterings" by Poul Anderson and the letter-column "The Great Conversation." Letter writers are Redd Boggs, Don Wollheim, Buck Coulson, Miriam Allen de Ford, Shirley Dickensheet, Bob Lichtman, and Sidney Coleman. Cartoons and sketches by Poul Anderson, Ray Nelson, William Rotsler, and Karen Anderson.

The third issue is dated September 1961 and includes "My Love Affair with Witchcraft" by Fritz Leiber, "The Future of Love" by Margaret St. Clair, "Bookstore Haiku" by Karen Anderson, "O, Blast This Bay Area Fandom" by Joe Gibson, and "Ladle Red Rotten Hut" by Anomalous (pseudonym of ???). Departments, again, "Beermutterings" by Poul Anderson and the letter-column "The Great Conversation." Letter writers are Lee Sapiro, Sidney Coleman, Betsy Curtis, Joe Gibson, Avram Davidson, Miriam Allen de Ford, and "X". Though X is identified nowhere in the fanzine, and has not generally been identified, Anderson has confirmed to me that it was Robert A. Heinlein. It's a substantial letter, 3 full typewritten pages, and Anderson truncated it. Artwork by Ray Nelson, William Rotsler and Karen Anderson.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 December 1960
2 June 1961
3 September 1961
4 March 1962
5 February 1963

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