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(Did you mean British, Maryland, Kansas City, Californian or Florida conventions?)

A series of university-based conventions in Australia that ran from 1975 to 1986

Year Convention Dates Location Guests of Honour
1975 Unicon I Mar 28-31 Ritz Hotel Melbourne
1976 Unicon II Apr 16-19 Ormond College, University of Melbourne Bruce Gillespie
1977 Unicon III April 8-11 (Easter) Christies Beach Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia Kitty Vigo
1978 Unicon IV Mar 24-27 Melbourne Town House Brian Aldiss, Roger Zelazny
1979 Unicon V Jan 27-29 Science Centre, Sydney Patricia Wrightson and (fan) Ronald E. Graham
1980 Unicon 6 Apr 4-7 The Victoria Hotel, Carlton (Melbourne) Joe and Gay Haldeman
1981 Tolkon '81 (Unicon VII) Aug 21-24 New Crest Hotel, King's Cross, Sydney Jon Noble
1986 Unicon Jan 25-27 Adelaide University campus Victor Kelleher

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