January 24-26 The first ConFusion was held. It was ConFusion 13 (which was either the first or the second but definitely not the 13th)
February 22 The first Fantasycon
March 14-16 First Leprecon
March 28-31 First Australian Unicon
Easter SEACON 75
April 12-13 First Maryland Unicon
May AZAPA started
June 8 Murray Leinster dies
July 30 James Blish dies
August 12-17 Aussiecon One (Worldcon)
August 25-27 First Rivercon
September 4-7 NASFiC 1 (NASFIC)
October 3-5 General Technics founded
October 31-November 2 First Iowa Icon
October 31-November 2 First World Fantasy Convention
December 5-7 First Loscon
First FAAN Awards given out
Infinity, Ltd. founded
DUFF: Rusty Hevelin (West)

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