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Midwestcon 1 was held in June 1950 in Bellefontaine, Ohio — the first relaxacon ever held, anywhere. Doc Barrett and the CFG were organizers.

Attendees included: Bea Mahaffey, Martin Alger, Ollie & Ginny Saari, Steve Schultheis, Harlan Ellison, Doc Barrett, Lloyd Eshbach, David H. Keller, Doc Smith, Howard DeVore, Don Ford, Margaret Ford, Earl Perry, Ed Counts, Arnim Seielstad, Ed Kuss, Randall Garrett, George Young, Art Rapp and E. E. Evans.

From left, Arnim Seielstad, Howard DeVore, Ed Kuss and Randall Garrett at Midwestcon 1 in 1950. Photo by E. Everett Evans.

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