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Cinvention, the 1949 Worldcon, was held September 3–5 at the Hotel Metropole in Cincinnati, Ohio, with GoH Lloyd A. Eshbach and FGoH Ted Carnell. Attendance: about 190.

Dave Kyle created some controversy by promoting his girlfriend, Lois Miles, to local news media as Miss Science Fiction.

Don Ford carried out the duties of Chairman, but was officially Secretary-Treasurer; Charles R. Tanner had the honorary title of Chairman. Ted Carnell, the Fan GoH, was also toastmaster with the title "Entertainment Master of Ceremonies". He was brought to North America by the Big Pond Fund.


From the Cinvention letterhead:

Other bidders[edit]

New York in '49. See 1949 Worldcon Site Selection.

The 1950 Worldcon Site Selection was held there.

More reading[edit]

From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
from Convention CinVention under Cincinnati Fantasy Group sponsorship was prefaced by the Second Tucker Death Hoax. Guests of honor were selected from both pros (Lloyd Arthur Eshbach) and fans (Ted Carnell, who had been brought over by the Big Pond Fund). A group of attendees appeared on TV to plug the con, Kyle arranged for a model to come from New York to pose for cheesecake photos of "Miss Science Fiction", pro guests included the author of scientificomic "Alley Oop", and Dave MacInnes recorded all on wire.

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