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The Hugo voting process occurs in two stages. In the first stage, the nominating process, members of WSFS are allowed to list up to five choices for each Hugo category. The Hugo administrator collects the nomination ballots, determines the top six* vote-getters (or more, in the case of last-place ties) in each category, contacts them to confirm they accept nomination, and prepares and distributes a Hugo final ballot containing the names of the finalists in each category.

For most of the history of the Hugos, the works which appeared on the ballot were known as the "Nominees", though recently the term was changed to "Finalists" in reaction to a number of authors promoting themselves as a "Hugo Nominee" because they had been nominated by at least one Hugo voter. WSFS has some legal ability to prevent people from falsely claiming the former, but no influence (other than the disdain of Hugo voters) on whether people can claim the latter.

* this changed from 5 to 6 finalists in 2017 with the passage of the WSFS nomination rules changes EPH and 5/6

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