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(August 8, 1920 -- January 12, 2009)

Turner created art for fanzines and professional publications and had a successful career as a graphic designer. In the late 30s, he did the best fan art produced anywhere. In 1941, he published the first issue of his fanzine, Zenith, with the assistance of his future wife, Marion Eadie. Four additional issues were published before April 1942 when he entered the army during World War II. A sixth, and final issue, appeared in June 1953.

In the 1950s, he published Now & Then with Eric Needham.

Soon after doing publications for Loncon I, Turner gafiated, returning to fannish activity after about twenty years, apparently nudged into revanance by Ethel Lindsay.

In 1978, he published Triad Optical Illusions and How to Design Them and later Six Variations on a Monkish Theme. He was art editor of Zimri and one of his covers won the Checkpoint Fan Poll for Best Fanzine Cover in 1974.

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