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A British fanzine published by Lisa Conesa.

It won the Nova Award for best fanzine in 1974, tied with Big Scab by John Brosnan. It also won the Checkpoint Fan Poll as Best Fanzine for 1973/74, and placed in 1971/72 and 1974/75. Harry Turner won Best Fanzine Cover for Zimri #6.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 July 1971 48 Editor: Lisa Conesa with Phil Muldowney
2 February 1972 52 Editor: Lisa Conesa and Andrew Stephenson
3 June 1972 84
4 January 1973 50 Editor: Lisa Conesa
4.5 May 1973 50
5 August 1973 58
6 May 1974 72 Harry Turner added as art editor
7 January 1975 72
8 April 1976 50 Final issue

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