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Jack Speer became one of fandom's earliest historians, introducing his concept of Numbered Fandoms (which see), initially covering First Fandom, Second Fandom and Third Fandom. The microcosm being as young as it was, some of these "eras" lasted only a few years. Every numbered fandom has its own Focal Point (for all that many of these were determined retroactively, since the concept of the focal point was not originally part of it) and a slightly different slant regarding fandom's "purpose". But fairly early on, Speer discovered he hadn't started his history of the microcosm early enough...so, on revising his original, he dubbed this earlier period "eofandom" and the fans who were active there became "eofans". Its usage makes it possible to write a sentence which makes perfect sense when read but seems like nonsense when spoken aloud: "An eofan can never be a neofan."

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