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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Alfred Bester treated telepathy with imagination and talent in The Demolished Man, but its primary effect on us was in provoking Demolishisms. Actually the practice -- the use of figures for their phonetic equivalents in puns and names -- traces back to Ackermanese ("4sj" is a typical demolishism) but Besterfolk Duffy Wyg&, @kins, and $son [Wygand, Atkins, and Jackson] inspired a revival of the custom. Those who have/had applied to their names this technique include Vin¢ Clarke, Agberg, S&y S&erson, J&y / (Jean and Andy Young), etc. / Finlay and Horace Au had it applied but didn't take it up. If : Glencannon were a fan, doubtless he'd go along.

Even in these less typographic days, demolishisms persist (helped along, no doubt, by Twitter and texting). For example, you will frequently see a convention badge labeled "&y &a" worn by filker and GT member Andy Anda.

See also Ackermanese.

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