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Awarded September 3, 1978 by Iguanacon II.

Iguanacon only listed the order of finish for the first three places. Curt Stubbs was Hugo administrator. No voting or nomination details were released.

Nomination data: 540 Hugo ballots were received (though there seems to have been some sort of foul-up in foreign nomination ballots -- Iggy mailed them, but they were not received.)

Category # Votes in Category Spread in Nominations
Novel 1130 25-95
Novella 1048 104-160
Novelette 1007 13-49
Short Story 1042 11-82
Dramatic Presentation 1220 8-338
Pro Artist 1078 31-55
Pro Editor 1150 29-92
Fanzine 958 15-53
Fan Writer 903 10-42
Fan Artist 868 14-23
Campbell 990 12-36
Gandalf Grand Master 1147 12-56
Gandalf Book-length Fantasy 1030 14-96

No Award received 12% of the Best Fanzine votes, 16% of the Best Fanwriter votes, and '14% of the Best Fanartist votes.

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