Wolverine Insurgents

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From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
The wolverine is a sort of state mascot of Michigan. "Wolverine Insurgentism rose on the radioactive ruins left by the Blowup", said the Michigan Fantasite. Its membership was amorphous but generally comprised Michifen who were disgusted with the DSFL. For months after the Blowup Art Rapp and the others published a parody of "The Detroit Stfan" one week after that (the DSFL organ) appeared. The DSFL tried to ignore this but at last had to blast back. Ralph Fluette, Ray Nelson, and a few others were associated with Rapp in the movement.

Members included Ralph Fluette and Art Rapp.

It was counter-attacked by members of the DSFL in All-Warped. (Interestingly, Ray Nelson also contributed to All-Warped.)

Fl. 1947–50.

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