The Planetoid

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A very early fanzine published by Bob Tucker. First and only issue was November 1932.

Tucker wrote in Science Fiction Fifty Yearly:

Distributed in November 1932, or thereabouts, The Planetoid was a midget-sized printed four-sheet chock full of "scientific facts" to, stun the fan world. And stun them it did. The offering met a thundering reception. So thundering, in fact, that I lost the courage to distribute the second issue, and slunk away to hide. Thus ended my first publishing spree.

His memory seems good, though apparently he did two issues. In 1935, William Crawford and D. R. Welch published Science Fiction Bibliography, a short pamphlet of bibliography and reviews and said of The Planetoid:

Vol. 1, No. I was dated December, 1932. The second issue, January 1933. There is not a single item of interest, or a scrap information, in either issue, There is absolutely ho reason why anyone should waste time collecting this item. Both issues are printed on cheap slips about one fourth the size of a sheet of typing paper.

...not the most positive review...

Publication 1933
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