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Science-Fantasy Review (later issues' three-line masthead made it look like Science Fantasy Review lacking the explicit hyphen, but that was consistently used within), subtitled The Science-Fiction Newspaper, was a newszine "published by Liverpool Branch SFA", edited first by Leslie J. Johnson and then L. V. Heald (sometimes in collaboration with Ron Holmes) in 1939 and on the New Year of 1940. Heald and Holmes then produced a successor, Science-Fantasy Review War Digest.

It was announced as a weekly but struggled to remain bi-weekly until the War started, then shrinking to a 4-page monthly. It cost a penny and half per issue, or a shilling for nine.

Issue Date Pages Editors / Notes
1 May 15, 1939 4 Editors / General: L. J. Johnson / Art & Literature: J. F. Burke / Science: E. G. Ducker / News: L. V. Heald
2 May 29, 1939 4 as above but adding Art: A. Bloom
3 June 12, 1939 6 L. V. Heald
4 July 1, 1939 8 "
5 July 17, 1939 8 EDITORIAL BOARD. L. V. Heald – General. Associates. A. Bloom J. F. Burke Ron Holmes E. G. Ducker L. J. Johnson E. L. Gabrielson
6 July 30, 1939 8 EDITORIAL BOARD. L. V. Heald. Ron. [sic] Holmes. Associates. A. Bloom. J. F. Burke. E. G. Ducker. L. J. Johnson. E. L. Gabrielson.
7 August 14, 1939 6 as #6 above, incl. period after Ron.
8 August 31, 1939 8 EDITOR L. V. Heald, Associate Ed. Ron Holmes [no period again]
9 September 1939 6 "
10 October 1939 4 "
11 November 1, 1939 4 L. V. Heald, Ron Holmes
12 December 1, 1939 4 "
13 January 1, 1940 4 " ; final issue

Science-Fantasy Review online at

Publication 19391940
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